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The Bhartiya Tv is an Entertainment Website packed with some of the most interesting Bollywood News.

If you have an interesting Bollywood News or find a Bollywood video worth watching on Youtube, let The Bhartiya Tv  team know. If we find it as interesting as you did, we’ll share it with the Bollywood News.

Welcome to The Bhartiya Tv

We at The Bhartiya Tv believe in presenting the Entertainment News in the most innovative and entertaining manner. Far away from the noisy and dusty highway of boring Bollywood Reports, we are trying to build a beach-side shack, that will lead you to a euphoric state of Entertainment News.

At The Bhartiya Tv , we create and curate Bollywood specific News with the sole intent of entertaining the Bollywood lovers all around the world. Unlike other Bollywood websites, The Bhartiya Tv is not about posting lengthy previews and quick Bollywood news.


– What is The Bhartiya Tv?

The Bhartiya Tv is your one-stop destination to discover and share everything Bollywood that is happening in the world.

– What gets posted on The Bhartiya Tv?

At The Bhartiya Tv, we share Bollywood Stories, entertaining videos, stories, Twitter reactions, opinions and everything else that is about Bollywood and worth sharing.

– I want to contribute to The Bhartiya Tv, What should I do?

If you see yourself as a potential contributor, write to us at [email protected]

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You can contact us at [email protected]

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